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Perched high atop the imposing cliffs of the Howling Fjords sits Shadow Haven Fortress.

Its white stone walls act as a safe place for all who find themselves welcomed inside them.

Founded by Dakken VonHanchett, Shadow Haven was intended to provide a home for those who would seek shelter as well as those who would help protect and defend it and its inhabitants. Shadow Havens has a very strong standing alliance with the Netherwing Dragon tribe of Shadowmoon Valley. With their help and support, Dakken has formed a legion of Dragon Riders. Slowly he is beginning to tame the dragons of the local area and incorporate them into his numbers, increasing the size and power of the sky knights almost daily. If you have nowhere else to go, or if you believe yourself strong enough to stand at his side and support his cause, Seek Dakken out and present to him your interests. Shadow Haven awaits you!



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Other Guild News

Rise of the Sky Knights

System, Jul 23, 09 11:00 PM.
The Sky Knights are now active. IC the Sky Knights are the offensive force of The Haven. They ride air based mounts into combat. OOC Sky Knights are our raiders. If you wish to raid with us, seek Dakken and request admission into their ranks!

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